App Updates

Rejection bug found and updated!


So last week when we were so excited to submit our biggest app update to date, it was quickly thwarted by the app being rejected from the App Store due to some overlooked bug that we found.  Initially we were bummed about it but that's the way the business works, right?  It's better that the App Review team found the issue rather than us releasing the update and then having our users encounter some issues.  

So needless to say, we submitted the update earlier this week and are now anxiously waiting again.

Update rejected

Well we were sooo excited to have submitted the big update early last week that would have allowed parents & athletes to et In The Loop, but the amazing people, who work in the App review department @ Apple,  found a bug that we overlooked.  So, it looks like we're back to the drawing board!  Well, not really, the team has been working to fix it and now we are testing again.  The goal is to still have it up and running for Champions League in D.C. next weekend!

 ::fingers crossed::