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Main Menu

Consider this your "front desk".  Quickly navigate to everything from this screen that will be customized with your gym's logo & colors.


Allow your organization to see a calendar of events like performance orders, practice times, classes, choreography dates, etc.  When an event is added or updated, the whole team or teams will be notified.


Creating an event is easy and when 'Saved' will be displayed in the calendar to those who the even pertains too. Feel free to create one-time or recurring events, with any notes that may be necessary.

Performance Orders

A gym owner or coach can create a 'Competition' and the coach of each team can add his/her team's schedule into the performance order for all to see.  This eliminates the need for one person to spend 30 minutes creating a schedule for the organization.

team Info

Coaches can view their Parents & Athletes on their roster, which makes it easy to call parents and send team messages from the one handy location. Coaches can also approve/deny access requests from within the app.


Send info to your cheerleaders, parents or coaches directly through the app and/or social media.  Really great for last minute changes.


We have built in a number of security and privacy settings so you have total control over who joins your team/gym.  When a new parent/athlete creates an account, they will be approved by a coach of the team.

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